Do Both Pineapples and Spaghetti Grow on Trees? #pineapple #ananas #bromeliad

Well , who knew!

Giselle Roeder

- courtesy BBC courtesy BBC

No, they don’t. I even have had people asking me if pineapples or ‘ananas’ grow above or below ground! A good question since some people believe in spaghetti trees… The pineapple plant is actually related to the ‘Bromeliads’ – the plants we buy because they have such beautiful flowers, even if only one in the centre, and they last a long time. It’s hard to imagine how pineapples grow if you hold one of these spiky ripe fruits in your hand.

related to pineapples Bromeliad – pretty cousin of the pineapple

The pineapple is a plant like a bromeliad with spiky hard leaves, can grow a meter wide and a metre high with a flower in the centre out of which will grow a stem with the developing fruit. The crown of the fruit, again with spiky leaves, can be removed with a slight twist and pull and used to…

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